Schedule a 30-90 minute consult with an M5 Consultant to discuss your situation and explore the benefits of utilizing our services. Simply kick the tires for a few minutes. 



Take advantage of the resources at M5 to determine weaknesses in your financial situation, both at the practice as well as at home. We offer the only 100% money back guarantee in the industry for this extensive “Professional Second Opinion.” We understand the benefits of proper diagnoses; in order to accomplish your goals, you need to know where you are at, where you want to be and the best options to get there.

M5 Partners will deliver a report after analyzing your performance in the following 5 areas:

Business & Personal Taxes
QuickBooks Audit
Chart of Accounts Review


Corporate Structure
Estate Plan Gaps
Weaknesses in Asset Protection


Maximize Potential
Review of “Best Practices”
Are You Poised for Simplicity?


Customized M5 Income Model to age 100
Report on financial plan based on the M5 Filters
Comparison of Performance to 15,000 Fund Managers


Review all insurance policies and deliver a detailed gap analysis

Our team will sift through mountains of information and deliver a concrete list of recommendations you can take back to your advisors or implement through M5. We understand that certain advisors on your team have earned your confidence, what we offer is a detailed second opinion you can deliver to them in order to make critical money saving adjustments in your plan. Our “open architecture” design allows us to collaborate as directed with your advisors, not as a threat, but as a concerted effort to help you navigate along the most optimal path for your success.

It is common for our practices to begin a relationship with M5 through the GFA. This gives the doctor a chance to interact with our team and allows our team to be able to identify areas to target in the practice that will create the most immediate impact. Start today by simply scheduling a private consultation where we can mutually begin the discovery process.

The cost of the GFA is $5,000 and is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. 


The team at M5 Partners can quickly and efficiently design a long-term plan that includes the Management of any or all of the 5 Services we offer. Each practice is vastly unique in the level of support needed in managing the 5 services, so you’ll give us a look at where things are at today and together with our team design a Scope of Work (SOW) document that exactly meets your needs. The SOW will become the guideline for both parties to make sure we meet each other’s expectations. Over time, as the practice evolves, the SOW may need to be revised to accommodate the level of service required.